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How We Protect You

Miami University and Community Federal Credit Union is committed to protecting the accounts of all our members. We are constantly working to increase our security methods, in order to ensure that the money and the personal information you've entrusted to us are safe.

Here are a few of the ways we're working to keep you protected:

Individualized Logins for Online Services

All members who use MUCFCU's personalized electronic services--such as Perfect Teller Online Banking, ePay Online Bill Pay, Online Credit Cards, and Sybil Telephone Banking--have individualized login and password combinations for these services.

We advise our members to create passwords that contain a combination of both letters and numbers. Never use your Social Security Number, birth date, or another easily identifiable number as your password.

You can change your Online Banking password at any time by logging into Online Banking. For security reasons, as a rule we do not keep unencrypted copies of Online Banking passwords and we cannot reset passwords over the phone.

If you forget your Online Banking password or Sybil Telephone Banking PIN code, come to any MUCFCU office (be sure to bring your ID), and we can reset it for you.

Timed Log-Off

If you are inactive for several minutes in Online Banking or ePay Online Bill Pay, you will be logged out. This reduces the chances of someone else accessing your account, in case you leave your computer unattended or forget to log out on your own.

Strict Identification Procedures

When you come in to open an account or make any changes to your existing account, you are required to show your driver's license, Miami ID, or other form of state identification (unless the teller or member service representative already knows you personally). This helps ensure that only you can open an account in your name, and only you (or an approved joint owner) can make changes to your account.

Website Encryption

All MUCFCU Online Banking transactions, ePay transactions, and Loan Applications are transmitted through a secure, encrypted Web connection. This means that all personal information you enter on our website, Online Banking, or ePay is changed into code that is nearly impossible for any would-be hackers to read.

Before you send any account numbers or personal information over the Internet, you should always look for two things in your web browser program:

If you see both a web page address beginning with "https and a closed icon lock (see table below), it means that the web page you are viewing uses encryption.

Web Browser Program Closed Lock Icon Appears In
Internet Explorer Lower right corner of screen
Mozilla Firefox Lower right corner of screen
Apple Safari On the right side of the address bar (usuallly near middle-top of screen)
Google Chrome On the left side of the address bar (usually near the upper right corner of screen)


MUCFCU's computer network, Online Banking, and Online Bill Pay systems are protected full-time by firewalls that block unauthorized entry, ensuring that your account information is stored securely. Additionally, MUCFCU offices and networks are constantly monitored for unauthorized access attempts by intruders.

Reliable Partnerships

At MUCFCU, we only enter into service agreements with partners we can depend on to maintain high standards of security and data integrity. We perform extensive due diligence checks on new partners who deal with sensitive information, to make sure that our members' personal information will remain safe and secure.

Fraud and Identity Security Training

MUCFCU staff receives ongoing training on issues related to security, fraud, and identity theft. Staff members learn how to properly identify members and prevent fraud attempts inside the Credit Union before they happen. If a member becomes a victim of fraud, we will do what we can to help the member correct the situation.

NCUA Share Insurance

MUCFCU participates in the NCUA Share Insurance program. Should a disaster occur, every member's share deposits are covered, up to $250,000 per member.

These are just a few of the ways that Miami University and Community Federal Credit Union is working to protect your accounts and personal information.

But we can't do it alone. Please visit the Security Tips main page of the Credit Union's website to find out things you can and need to do to help make sure your personal information is protected.

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Your savings are federally insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.


Certain restrictions may apply to the products and services described above. Contact the credit union for details. MUCFCU is not an entity of Miami University.