Chrome Issues Accessing Online Banking

Google recently pushed an update to its Chrome web browser that is causing access to Perfect Teller Online Banking to be blocked for some users. (Continue reading for steps to resolve the issue.)

(At present, users of other web browsers, such as Firefox, Edge, Safari and Internet Explorer, are not experiencing this issue.)
To fix this issue:
1. Log into Online Banking from the Credit Union's homepage.
2. Click the Get ADOBE FLASH PLAYER button.

3. To the far right of the address bar (where your website address is located), you may see an icon that looks like a puzzle piece with an X. This indicates that a Plug-in has been blocked. Click the icon.

4. A box will appear stating, "Flash was blocked on this page." Click the Manage button.

5. Your Flash settings will appear. In the middle of the screen is a switch setting labeled, "Block sites from running Flash (recommended.)

Click this switch. The label will change to say, "Ask first." Once you've flipped the switch setting, close your Settings screen and go back to the Online Banking page.
6. Again, click the Get ADOBE FLASH PLAYER button. A menu box will appear saying, " wants to Run Flash." Click Allow.

(If you get another popup box that says, "Confirm Form Resubmission," click Continue.)
7. The page should reload with your Online Banking information.

Some good news... Perfect Teller Online Banking will soon be rolling out a revamped platform that no longer uses Flash in the coming weeks. So soon, these Flash Player issues related to Online Banking will be a thing of the past.

In the meantime, we appreciate your patience. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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